Couch Potato Help - Have questions about the app?
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Have questions? 

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Couch Potato FAQs

The answers to your most frequently asked questions

How does Couch Potato work?

Couch Potato is a technology platform. Our smartphone app connects riders with people who need help with pick-up and delivery related chores.

Do I need to sign up to use the app?

Yes you would need to register with your mobile number to use the Couch Potato app on your phone.

Is Couch Potato always available?

In cities where Couch Potato is available you can request a rider 24/7

How do I use the app?

To make a delivery request a rider by selecting the pick and drop locations on the app.

What is the pricing?

You pay 150 rupees for any delivery under 6 KM. Every Kilometer after that is 10 rupees per KM

Can anyone use the app?

Yes, if you have an internet enabled smartphone device you can simply domwload the app on the Google App Store or Apple Store

How do I get a pick up?

Simply open the app and place a pin on the point where you need to get a pick up, then select the drop off location and click go. A nearby rider will be dispatched to your pick up point.

How do I get a delivery to me

Use the map to select your location and the location of the item you need picked up. Please add some detail about the item for the rider and make sure its not something too big to carry on a motorbike.

How do i send something from one place to another without being there?

You can use the Couch Potato app to send something even if you’re not in the picture. How cool is that? Simply use the app to select the pick point and the drop point and your delivery will be made.

Can I get something from a store delivered to me?

Yes, you can use a Couch Potato rider to get anything sent from or to you from just about anywhere.

Use the app to select the store and details about the item you require. A rider will call you when he is at the store to confirm your item and then deliver it to you.


How is Package Delivery and Shop n' Drop different?

Package delivery can be anything you send from one place to another – for example halwa from your nanis house.

Shop n’ drop is something you get delivered from the market – for example milk from the store.

Who pays for Shop n' drop?

The rider buys the item for you and you pay him back when he delivers it to you. The item must be under 2000 rupees and something he can easily carry on his motorbike.

Is the package price and the delivery price separate?

Yes. The package price is separate and the charges for delivery are separate.

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