About Couch Potato - Do Nothing
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We started Couch Potato with the belief that people should do more meaningful things with their time, or do absolutely nothing.

Couch Potato’s app fits in with the way we should lead our lives; stress-free. Rather not run menial errands after work? Want to spend time with family instead of rushing to pick up the eggs? Forgot something at a friend’s house? Couch Potato works to free up your time in these situations and more. Just a few taps and you’re on your way to having only the experiences that matter to you.

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pin-boxThe Mission

Our mission is to provide a seamless means for people to do their chores and handle small deliveries, with an intuitive mobile app that connects them with an ideal and nearby rider. Couch Potato wants to serve communities by giving them control of their time. When you work hard you deserve to rest hard as well.

pin-boxThe Vision

Our vision is a world where people can be more productive in their day to day and use their newfound time to be with the ones they love and do the things they most care about, or just do nothing. Spend more time with family, relax in front of the television. Go ahead, be a couch potato, you deserve it.

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You deserve a powerful, actionable tool to help you manage your day to day errands without having to move a muscle. Do ONLY what you love, or just do nothing.

Try it now. Download the app.


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