How Karachites Spend Winter Compared To Islamabadis
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How Karachites Spend Winter Compared To How Islamabadis Spend Winters

Let’s move over who has the coolest malls, and talk about the more chilling stuff---winter!

Ask a Karachite how their last winter went and they would blurt it out plainly’ “What winter? Are you kidding?” Similarly, a person from Islamabad will come out with a more serious reply like “meh, it was cold obviously”. A contemporary winter for both the cities bring many reasons to enjoy, but the way Karachi and Islamabad react to cold is an entirely different story. After a few hours of serious analysis, and a dozen cups of tea, we came up with a few differences that make winters in Islamabad and Karachi unique. Let’s see here!

Karachites take Winters Seriously

A centigrade drop in temperature and you’d see them wrapped around layers of clothes. And for folks in Islamabad, this is just as casual as Pindi boys partying at Jinnah park.


The Empty roads in Islamabad stay empty

Even if winter hovers over Karachi for just two days, they don’t dessert the streets. They’d still stay out until midnight for hot “moongh phalli” or “doodth patti”. There is usually no change in plans unless God forbid bullets are actually flying.

And in Islamabad? Brutal cold or not, 9  p.m is their midnight!

everyone disappeared gif

Karachites react to Fog like its magic

For Islamabad, fog during winters is a routine, but it triggers a dramatic emotional response among Karachi walay which is very well expressed in tastelessly romantic poetry and tacky status on Facebook!


The “Ab Pata chala?”Brigade!

You find this brigade more than often in Karachi specially when cold shows its tantrum for a few days. While you had been busy declaring winter a myth, they prepared well and stocked themselves with some trendy winter accessories, clothes, and snacks! Time to avoid these scare mongering friends now!

Jon Snow GIF

 The Fashion Display

It’s an interesting time of the year for girls in Karachi and Islamabad, but the question is why would anyone invest in new fashion for only a week’s winter? Tell you what? Both cities witness a surge of new winter inspired trends for women which sell like hot garlic naans. At least this is one thing where Islamabad and Karachi are in perfect harmony!

Frozen GIF

The Snow Scene

Let’s be honest Karachi! No matter how much you progress, you still can’t bring snow fall into the city *unless of course you outsource it as well to China* So when it snows in Islamabad, you are way more excited than the locals there and put Murree in your travel list right away!

bear with guitar gif

The Time Limit for Enjoying Winter

If you live in Karachi, winter dumps you by the time you actually start living it! On the other hand, cold lingers longer in Islamabad giving them more time to savor the weather in the midst of their popularly disciplined routine.

The truth is winter is amazingly beautiful in both the cities; but the way of living and cross city diversity makes it absolutely interesting! While Karachi gets to witness cold for hardly a week, Islamabad has more time to make the most of the weather. Probably this is the reason why Karachites are overly excited towards it, whereas Islamabad treats winter like phuppo who keeps coming over frequently to stay over!

Do you think there are more differences in the way both these cities see winters? Tell us in the comments below.

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