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Couch Potato: To really understand the Business we take turns being Delivery Riders

Ever wondered what made you trust that certain brand to the point of never thinking about switching to another? They certainly did something right which goes beyond effective marketing!

In today’s world of start-ups, tech giants and everything else in between, there is a very small window for companies to “make it”. For every one company that does “make it”, there are dozens that don’t make it. The reason of these are many and varied, some unique, others not so.

One of the key factors that make or break an idea is a disconnect between what the company thinks its clients want, and what it’s clientele actually wants. With the short-term memory and lack of focus the current times is going through, a company has to be deeply committed to its mission and firmly entrenched in it’s clientele’s psyche to get anywhere.

One of the most important ways of doing this is to connect with the clients on a personal level, and understand how their requirements are changing what they want and how to adapt to these changes and wants.

A young startup in Pakistan, Couch Potato, is aiming to make itself indispensable to its clients. The company is a courier service that will deliver anything from anywhere to anywhere else. From movie tickets to dry cleaning to medicines and college assignments forgotten at home – just drop pins for pick-up and drop-off locations and you’re set to sit around and “Do Nothing” – the slogan of the company.

Slowly gaining popularity, one of the main focus points of the company is to understand the requirements of the client. For this, they have designated each employee their brand ambassador.

A modern B2C enterprise like Couch Potato that seeks a strong market presence builds better connections with customers through personal involvement and task rotation. The higher management’s interest in connecting to all aspects of a corporate ecosystem show employees how the task is done.

The idea is to have every team member connected and committed to letting the clients “do nothing”. Apart from the fleet of riders available at different points around the city (think Uber and Careem), the management cadre at Couch Potato each take turns doing delivery jobs at least once every month so they get a feel for on-ground activities. It helps the company to capitalize on the integration of individual traits with diverse tasks, hence facilitating the broader corporate objective.

This sense of ownership and commitment to the company trickles down from the top, with CEO Salman Wassay also engaging in this role take-over, where he delivers orders to clients (it was a karhai).

This increases employees’ morale and helps them understand their stake in the company’s success. Couch Potato is a new entry in the playing field, but is well on the way to dominating it with the dynamic and innovative team it has assembled.

Such close interaction brings many insights to Couch Potato besides setting an example for employees to be better brand evangelists.

The Couch Potato level of commitment to personal engagement puts forward a clear message, “We’re a company that cherishes personal connection with you!”  –  commanding confidence among customers in endorsing the brand and recommending it to their peers.

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Numair Shahzada

Numair Shahzada is the brand manager at Couch Potato. He has a great passion for creating beautiful user experiences and insightful content

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