Things to do when you stay at home on a national event
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independence day stuck indoors pakistan

What to do when you’re stuck indoors on Pakistan Day

Pakistan turns 70 this year and the nation is bleeding green in its own way. A huge number of street vendors are already selling flags, decorations, badges, stickers and what not. Anywhere you go, you’ll find our national flag in every size. Some will be fluttering in the breeze on rooftops, others hanging from apartment windows while many tack it on to their vehicles to show respect and celebrate independence.

Come Independence Day itself, some patriots want to relive the joy of this auspicious day by going out and celebrating, while others just want to stay home and make the most of this national holiday!

14 august on calendar

Among those who venture out are people who will visit the tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Many take their families to the beach whereas a lot of them hit the malls in latter half of the day. However, the stags of the nation prefer to celebrate it with evening rides on noisy earsplitting motorcycles, biker buddies straddled behind them. You’ll see a lot of them stopping by the side of a road to break into an impromptu dance of happiness!

However, what about those who want to avoid the crowds, the choked roads and the headache causing roads? What is it that they can do at home? That’san important question and we have answers!

Invite friends over

For the social bees, staying at home is a miserable thing so it’s better to throw a small delicious feast at your home to celebrate Independence Day with your friends and loved ones. After all, a holiday without a family gathering or friends is a waste for many in Pakistan. Now if you are a bit lazy or unsure about what to cook, a delivery app will brush this concern aside! A quick order from Burger Lab or Kababjee  will do the needful just fine! But show some solidarity and make sure you consider your guests’ preferences while ordering food.  This is what 14th August is all about, right?

Host a tournament!

This holiday might also be a good opportunity to round up the extended family and friendly neighbours for an “Independence Day Cup” nighttime cricket match! Get the non-sporting people to man the barbecue grill.

Pick a book, play a game

Where some enjoy throwing feasts, many would enjoy being on their own. If you fall in this category, you can start reading that book you bought but left unopened on the shelf; or bring out the indoor games such as Ludo, Uno, checkers or monopoly and spend the day having fun with your immediate family.

Binge watch TV

For those who want to be anti-people altogether and / or a couch potato, there are movies galore. May we recommend Jamil Dehlavi’s Jinnah starring the incomparable Christopher Lee? Or perhaps Train to Pakistan, based on Khushwant Singh’s 1956 novel of the same name? If they’re not in your collection, have them delivered from your local DVD store!

binge watching netflix tv

Treat Yourself

Turn 14th August into a sinfully gluttonous affair by ordering lunch from Student Biryani and dinner from Tooso while binge watching Alpha, Bravo, Charlie at home! But if you don’t want to go to that length, just order a dessert or a main course and treat yourself like the patriotic star you are!


Get your creative side on!

For those who have a special creative spirit, this holiday is an ideal time to pick a DIY or a craft project. Bring out your canvases and oil paints and create a master piece or bake delicious cookies to please your sweet tooth.

How about doing Independence Day décor right on the 14th August holiday? Order the décor items from the art stores like Paras or general super stores like Naheed and you are good to go! Such activities are absolute stress relievers and would rejuvenate your routine-stricken soul for the day.

Whatever you do, remember to have fun!

Now we are talking! All you want is to get away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the holiday and celebrate independence in your own way. For this, if you don’t want to move even an inch, we’re certainly not judging you! You can enjoy a party, an intimate meal, music, movie, or even a meditation session right at home and thoroughly enjoy it too!

Hopefully these ideas will save you from falling prey to boredom. Remaining at home and engaging in fun activities is sometimes better than going outside and getting stuck in the traffic specially on a holiday like 14th August! So what are you looking forward to this year? Leave your comments below.

Here’s wishing Pakistan a peaceful and prosperous year and Happy Independence Day to you all!

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