Affordable Food Places in Islamabad to satisfy hunger
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food restaurant islamabad

5 Places in Islamabad that satisfy your hunger in under Rs. 500

Haven’t we all been there? Those college days or even those entry-level jobs when it was impossible to make your pocket money / pay cheque extend beyond the 10th of every month. Hunger pangs would remind you of this every day, at least once a day. So in memory of those days that are thankfully behind us, and to sympathise with those are currently living this life, we have rounded up five very respectable eateries in our very own backyard that will not just banish those hunger pangs, but also put you in food induced bliss.

These restaurants / cafes / joints are not listed in order of preference, they’re just ranking very high in those places that make our tummies happy without emptying out the wallet. So here we go: the five best places to have a very decent meal within Rs. 500.


Desi food is never out of fashion, and it’s all the better when it is affordable. From perennial breakfast favourites like halwa, puri and channay to daal chawal and biryani, a generous serving of these items at Chattha’s will keep you well within the last 500 in your wallet.

chatthas food

Chaaye Khana

Remember the French toast we grew up eating? They weren’t French toast. Truly. This we realised once we had the real deal – a slice of perfection: the French toast served at Chaaye Khana. We pay homage to their chef who created this French toast. A doorstep thick slice of homemade bread dipped in a mix that satisfies all cravings and a cup of regular tea at Chaaye Khana will cost you under Rs. 410.

cafe food pakistan


MJ’s is a heaven for those looking to eat well on a budget. Their range of subs are a great option for those wishing to mix three major food groups in one meal . Delicious meat and fresh veggies in fresh bread make for a very satisfactory meal. For less than Rs. 425, you’ll be full and very, very happy!

bakery cafe islamabad

Al Beirut

This Lebanese restaurant gives us the best of two worlds – delicious flavours of the Middle East combined with the sub continental obsession with rice and roti. The food here is great, and easy on the pocket. For less than Rs.500, you can take your choice of a falafel sandwich or of Arabic rice with chicken or red meat. Need we say more?

New Yorker

Where would we be without pizza? Back in the 15th century, and that’s a fact. Comfort food, party food, finger food, vegetarian or loaded with meat, this slice of heaven is perfect in any avatar. And to make our mouth water is the very affordable Long Island pizza slice from The New Yorker.  With the freedom to customise your rather generously sized slice, the Long Island slice at Rs. 430 leaves you with enough for a chilled soft drink and still spare some change!

food restaurant islamabad

Whoa, are you still sitting around reading this article, when you could be enjoying the goodies we mentioned here? Tch, get going, food doesn’t give better value for money than this!

*The amounts mentioned here are inclusive of taxes, and correct to the best of our knowledge. They could be subject to change at any time with no notice.

*Pictures taken from the Facebook pages of the restaurants.

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