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How AliExpress is changing the way we shop online

In this article we’re talking about AliExpress in Pakistan. It’s truly great how once in a while a technology service pops up and creates a drastic change in our habits, lifestyle, and preferences. Most of the time we don’t realize our need till the service surfaces and creates a ripple effect in the community.

When we talk about this tech ripple, ecommerce takes the lead connecting buyers and sellers from every corner of the world, facilitating online business, and turning our extensive shopping rituals into a one click affair!

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AliExpress for easy shopping of day to day items

Despite numerous ecommerce sites gracing online shopping in Pakistan, Aliexpress is still the undisputed Queen. We almost lost count of the umpteen items we can order up there! *jaw dropped* But have you realized how Aliexpress is changing the way we shop online? Let’s have a look here!

For casual wear items, most of us switched our local store visits to a quick browsing session of Aliexpress. For instance, most of you might prefer buying T-shirts and casual day jewelry from Aliexpress for the chic designs, cheap price and a safe online transaction! Those who shop there frequently often end up being the fashion forward within their social groups, and probably it was the reason you were already flaunting the midi ring long before it even entered the local market! Quite Savvy right?

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One for all Shopping Platform

Who likes to jumble through ten websites for ten different products? That’s exactly what Aliexpress save us from! During the early 2009, Aliexpress in Pakistan was probably one of the first popular ecommerce sites which allowed us to sift through hundreds of product categories. Since then, countless local and international ecommerce stores have replicated the same business mode and layout because the online shoppers relate with it quite closely!

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Business for local ecommerce stores

The local online sellers found a great potential in importing stuff from Aliexpress for the economical price, safe and easy purchasing method and the availability of bulk buying.

Aliexpress has become the lucrative opportunity to enjoy more profit margins and make a wide variety of products available for the buyers. Although a few buyers still like to shop directly from Aliexpress surpassing the local retail cost, but these local sites still have a growing market to direct their products. It’s an interesting development in the local ecommerce landscape as Aliexpress brings down the cost of operation.

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A hand on Unique and Rare Items

Besides regular shopping, we find Aliexpress most convenient for getting our hands on unique items like pet accessories, photography props, and home & garden supplies. These accessories are quite cheap as compared to what we may get from the local shops.

We shop online for making our shopping experience less tedious and to enjoy a larger product variety in a go. Majority of us make online purchases on local ecommerce sites while one third of us buy from the international sites.

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Other Dominant Ecommerce Platforms

The local ecommerce landscape turned heads with online marketplaces like Daraz, Kaymu, symbios, and homeshopping which are considered the popular ecommerce sites of the country. However, according to Pakistan B2C E-Commerce Market 2015,

The biggest challenge with them comes to be the underdeveloped online payment infrastructure as people are more comfortable paying cash than to make electronic transactions.  For a developing ecommerce market like Pakistan, the online retailers have to win consumers’ trust when it comes to the availability of legit products and payment method. Despite the challenges, these local sites are doing exceptionally well reaping the developing ecommerce market.

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Aliexpress has been the decisive factor in altering our online shopping habits and paving new ways for online local retailers. Sites like these are must for getting competitive prices, hard to find items and easy shipping.

You believe Aliexpress has changed your shopping experience in anyway? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy online shopping!

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