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Don’t do the work, Outsource it instead

How many times do you hear yourself complaining about the fast pace of your life? About how your life keeps circling between office and home, home and office, and all the other activities just lined up for the weekends. But even on weekends most of your time is spent on the household chores, the “essentials” as they are called: groceries, dry cleaning, paying bills and so on, so forth. The list just keeps getting longer.

The dream life remains a dream. There seems to be no way out of this constant loop. The realization that we should have spent more time living our life rather than wasting it doing the mundane, is often too late. But not anymore! There’s a solution to all these woes. A simple idea that can change your life, an idea that’ll take the work burden off your shoulders.


You heard that right. When you come across an idea like this though, the first thing that springs to mind is the money involved. Well what about the time saved? Time is a priceless commodity, impossible to gain back. Wouldn’t it be worth weighing the pros and cons?

What use is money anyway, if you’re left with very little time to enjoy it? Change your life story. Spend a little bit and hire someone to take care of the extra work, and the time you win back as a result will be precious in the long run.

outsource your work

No amount of money is wasted if you finally get to finish that book you’ve been meaning to finish for months now, or if you finally get to watch the movie your friend recommended. Money is no object, if you get to spend some extra time at home with your kids or just sitting on the balcony with your favorite music playing in the background.

So the next time you decide not to outsource something because you were worried about spending a little, just give it another thought. No length of life is promised, and with an average life expectancy of 65 for women and 70 years for men in Pakistan, are you sure you want to spend 6-8 years on meaningless chores?

Your savings won’t serve a purpose if you don’t get to use them. So the next time there’s a debate between time and money, choose time. Treat yourself with some free hours to do nothing, you deserve it.

Sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of the mundane.

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Numair Shahzada

Numair Shahzada is the brand manager at Couch Potato. He has a great passion for creating beautiful user experiences and insightful content

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